Set Design (Development)

To get a sense of size within the set, we created 2D mockups of the furnishings of the set and loosely created something akin to what'd be the final design. The result was the realisation that the human eye is terrible, and is easily conned into thinking things are 3D when they are not. Good job, evolution.


Set Design (Computer Based)

Working with Rebecca Winchester (Production Design), we worked on creating a set that reflected something welcoming, like we see with Morning television (casual, open spaces, breakfast sets) combined with the 80's brutalist aesthetic. In turn, the Sunday Morning Politics set was created bringing together the use of wood panelling, grass flooring, and concrete walls. 

Camera #01.jpg
Single-cam #03.jpg

Production Design - Rebecca Winchester

Character Design (Development)

Introducing Dean O'Saur and Michael, produced by Emma Winchester. Having created and refined the two, Emma then went on to create the characters as sculptures to get a sense of the size and dimensions of the characters.

Character Design - Emma Winchester

Emma did an amazing job of crafting the characters, as demonstrated, which in turn became the basis for the Pre-production poster. 

Character Design (Michael)

With Michael (Surname to be decided, or perhaps he'll carry the same magnetism as Madonna, Cher, etc. and won't need one), again working with Emma Winchester, we hoped to create him in the same vein as mid-70's news anchors. 

Drawing inspiration from some of the political pundits here in the U.K., we landed on someone stern and grounded.

Character Design - Emma Winchester